Rental conditions

The prices of our furnished apartments vary according to various factors. Such as number of occupants, time of year, length of stay, arrival and departure time, size of furnished apartment, location, supply and demand on the market and the different options selected, such as a parking lot, an elevator, a gym, a swimming pool, the possibility of accommodating a pet, etc.

Accordingly, the rates advertised on our website indicate a price range (minimum and maximum monthly rental prices) for each furnished accommodation. The final rental rate will not exceed the maximum rate, excluding applicable fees and security deposit.

All of our furnished apartments are available for monthly rental only.

The rates on our website are in Canadian currency and subject to change.


Under all of our rental agreements, you are responsible for the keys. Please note that additional charges will apply in the following cases:

-If you lose, break or damage or do not return the keys;
-If the services of a locksmith are required to gain access to the unit under the above circumstances;
- A maintenance and cleaning fee will be required if the rental is not returned in the same condition as when you checked in. Learn more about cleaning services.

All of our furnished apartments in Montreal and across Quebec are available on a monthly basis only.


The use or cultivation of cannabis, including medical cannabis, is not permitted in or near the apartment/house/unit. Including building entrances, indoor swimming pools, stairwells, hallways, elevator shafts, balconies, etc. The Landlord may terminate the Rental Agreement if the Tenant and/or his Guests engage in such activities. Failure to comply with this provision may result in tenants being charged a fee and subject to eviction.

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