Emergency/Relocation: Rent a short term apartment

Furnished Short Term Apartments


Are you looking for furnished short term apartments to help you go through a difficult time? Our team of experts at RAGQ can help you with your apartment search; we have a wide selection of short and long term furnished apartments in Montreal, Quebec and suburbs.

All our furnished short term apartments are available on a monthly basis and include benefits such as:

• Cost-effective, larger space to work or live as compared to a hotel room.
•Fully equipped kitchen and access to laundry facilities.
• Comfortable living spaces in great locations.
• We will help you find a short-term apartment in your preferred neighbourhood if you need to relocate due to an emergency.

Why choosing RAGQ:

•Wide selection of comfortable, clean, and safe spaces to live.
•Our rental process is fast, easy, and hassle-free.
•Our rates are all-inclusive.
•Fully equipped kitchen and access to laundry facilities.
•Comfortable living spaces in great locations.

RAGQ helps individuals, businesses, insurers, real estate brokers or employers to find accommodation when it is most needed. You can book your accommodation from wherever you are.

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